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Mah Jong Support FAQ

Common support issues
1 Why can't I install the game on Windows XP ? view
2 When I set the game to US rules, why does it revert to Chinese rules ? view
3 I should be Mah Jong but the game does not recognise it. What's wrong ? view
4 How do I pause the game ? view
5 When I start the game, why does it get stuck on the splash screen ? view
6 I am using WebTV or a Mac. I have downloaded the game but nothing happens. What is wrong ? view
7 When I try to chow, why does the game ignore it ? view
8 When I have made changes to the country rules or other Options, I am unable to apply them as the Apply button is greyed out. Why is this? view
9 Is the game available on CD or disk? view
10 I have the game on floppy disk but my new computer has no floppy drive view

Other Support Options
If the topics above did not answer your question, please contact us for help.