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About Mimosil

Mimosil Technology Ltd specialises in writing artificial intelligence software and applications which use artificial intelligence. Mimosil creates artificial intelligence and natural language processing solutions for developers, end-user applications and gaming products and in bespoke solutions for consultancy customers.


Mah Jong

Mentext The traditional Chinese game of Mah Jong - play against 3 players controlled by the computer

Now available by download

  • Price £12.50 (British Pounds)
  • Fully configurable rules
  • Tutorial and hints during play
  • Authentic tile designs
  • Free demo version available

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Mentext & AI technologies

Mentext Mimosil has over 10 years of experience of developing artificial intelligence technology and solutions

Our AI development falls into 2 areas:

  • bespoke projects for clients utilising our artificial intelligence expertise
  • development of our Mentext natural language processing technology for specialised text processing applications

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Mah Jong Updated

Mah Jong now supports wide screen displays. If you have a wide screen and the game doesn't display properly, download the latest version or contact support for an update.

Mah Jong can now be ordered online and downloaded immediately.